Your Inner Artist

Some of you don’t think that you’re any good at art or have one single creative bone in your body. I say this because whenever I meet someone and we begin “chatting it up”, they mention things like, “I have to decorate for my kids 5th birthday party” or “I always hated my grandmothers mashed potatoes, therefore I used to make mountains and rivers out of them”.” I can’t wait to customize my BMW” and “the kids and I are putting together a scrapbook of all our summer adventures”. Yes these things seem so simple yet my artists ear begins to perk up. I love what I am hearing because I am hearing that artist in you just dying to go out into the world, rampage it and posses it.

Oh yes and let me not forget ” I used to draw and make things when I was young”. Yes and so did the next hundred people we will probably meet in our near future. That doesn’t mean that the little artist in you is banished into the depths of hells fire forever. The little artist shall be reborn and breastfed with creativity and confidence.

To me to create is to live. I believe that we as humans all seem to connect with our “inner artist”. So what is art? Art is doodling on a napkin, playing air drums, a sweet UFC knock out, a touch down dance ,spoken poetry , putting the water proofing on a building, planting a rose bush , making up a song in the shower, matching a bag with a new pair of shoes, or making up a bed time story to quiet the twins. I always tend to look for the creative artist in a person ranging in age 0 to age antique. Much of everything we do in our daily lives requires some form of creativity. Whatever little thing or big thing that you do, you make sure you do it with creative pride. Let others hear you say,” I did this” or ” I created this”.

Man and woman have created so much here on earth. All cultures of all people have been creating since the beginning of time. Enjoy art as wells as others creations and I hope that now you view yourself a little bit differently. So maybe your name is not Picasso and you didn’t help build the pyramids on Giza. Man, woman, and child will continue to create as long as we are here. We are creators and yes we will keep on creating.