Third Eye Arts: Business Review

I am a proud supporter of small business. I believe that small businesses are the bread and butter of America. Small businesses are proof that one young entrepreneur can rise to the top of the ranks in our society. That is why I support small businesses. Third Eye Arts is a metaphysics shop nestled in Tucson’s unique Fourth Avenue business district. From the outside it appears to be just a small shop with a big Buddha in its window, and mandala fabrics hanging on shelves, but in truth Third Eye Arts is so much more.

In order to really get to the heart of Third Eye Arts, one must first describe it. Its entrance is flanked by middle eastern symbols. The first object one sees as they enter is a life sized statue of a Buddha. On the left of the entrance is a shelf flanked by Buddhist ritual objects. These mock knives and brass bells provide an insightful look at Tibetan Buddhism. In the center of the store is a mock living room set made out of furniture carved from unvarnished root-wood. This beautiful artwork is hand-crafted and sells at fantastic discount prices. To the left of the mock living room set is a display shelf filled with folk art. This rapidly circulating shelf offers hand made artwork from some of Tucson’s finest local artists. Sometimes you can find things like renaissance style statues or crystal fae sitting on those shelves. To the right of the mock living room is a large bookshelf filled with Grimoires of spells, decks of tarot cards, and old explanations of metaphysics. This is Third Eye Arts’ library it is lined with old used books. The musty tomes always give off a fragrant unmistakable scent.

The entire shop is full of different metaphysical odds and ends. The compendium of merchandise never ends. Every nook and cranny in the shop is filled with different objects. On its shelves you can find everything from magic wands to crystal balls.

The atmosphere in Third Eye Arts is unmistakable. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and there is always some sort of new product for them to show off. There is incense burning perpetually throughout the store and it always gives off such a beautiful scent.

Sadly, on most days this shop is oddly silent. Most passersby are completely unaware of the treasures that it holds inside its doors. The shop owner was forced to reduce the store hours drastically due to the added cost it required to maintain. The shop owner has even considered closing Third Eye Arts because of the lack of local support. How can such a beautiful business with a rich collection of beauty close its doors?

It is with an entrepreneurial spirit that I ask Tucsonans to come and check out this fine store even if only for a moment. Showing your support to local businesses like Third Eye Arts can really be a great way to invest in our declining economy. WIthout support, this shop, and others like it, will have to close its doors.