Product Review of the Original Designer Reusable Bag by Envirosax

Envirosax® designer reusable bags are spreading the eco-friendly message with style! – a genuine claim made by Envirosax. I bought my first five Envirosax bags when I was on vacation in 2009. My soulmate and I were visiting Rhodes Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence. In the school store, we saw the eco-totes piled in a bin and went gaga over their soft feel and their glorious colors and patterns. And we liked how easily an Envirosax bag folds up and how its strap snaps together- just as an umbrella’s. It doesn’t need to be stuffed into a pouch, another plus. The pricing? Inexpensive!

Product Dimensions. The Envirosax bag weighs just 1.4oz. Unrolled, it measures 19.5″x16.5″. Rolled up and inside the optional pouch, it measures 4″x1.5″. Its weight capacity is 44lbs (equal to two plastic supermarket bags).

Product Material. Envirosax bags are made from ‘the all-new Envirosax Science Certification Systems (SCS) Certified Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (RPET) fabric’, which is simply recycled polyester (from bottles). The bags are waterproof.

While in the RISD school store, I first put just two Envirosax bags in a shopping basket and then as I thought about the family and friends we would soon be visiting, I added another and yet another to my basket. After leaving the store, I later returned for a few more. The Envirosax gifts were big hits with everyone, male and female.

By the time that my soulmate and I returned home from vacation, we had one Envirosax bag left. And I tucked that one into a safe deposit box with some special DVDs with the idea that I wouldn’t need to remember to take a bag with me upon returning to collect the DVDs.

So then I needed to buy another Envirosax bag. But I hadn’t noticed the brand. I went online to hunt. Even similar bags of different brands had some unlikable feature- cheap material; poor quality; ugly designs; not self-closing. And then, Eureka! I found an image of an Envirosax bag and then the Envirosax site.

I was surprised to see the large variety of design themes and that the bags could be purchased in a five-pack theme, each bag with a variation on the theme! With Christmas coming, I bought several more of the eco-friendly reusable bags, in five-packs, and sent them to family and friends around the country. And now, I am left with just two- the one tucked away and the one used for shopping. But I’ll probably buy more Envirosax bags- as gifts and for personal use.

Products. The series of bags are: graphic; organic; kids; greengrocer. The graphic themes are: La Boheme; Animal Planet; Planet Green; Candy; Oxford; Botanica; Mikado; Monochromatic; Flora; Retro Graphic. There are DIY pouches and shower timers. The aqua series are reusable ‘skinny’ 20 oz. water bottles of stainless steel (BPA safe) in various patterns that match some designs on the bags.

Availability. The Envirosax site is easy to shop. Visit Envirosax United States online. From there, international residents can choose from seven other countries including new online additions Canada and the UK. Envirosax products can be found on other online stores. They are also in unique gift shops, such as Oman.

Prices. One reusable eco-friendly bag is $8.50. A five-pack, which includes a pouch, is $37.95, which works out to $7.50 per bag and .45 for the pouch (or 7.59 per bag and zero cost for the pouch). A DYI pouch is $1.95. A shower timer is $2.95. A designer stainless steel water bottle is $17.95. An optional sports cap with protective dome lid is $1.95.

Conclusion. Envirosax is an honest company with honest products. Some companies in China scam consumers by claiming their material is made of 100% RPET when in fact it is made from new bottles manufactured solely for recycling directly into so-called RPET. This dishonest green-washing is not environmentally friendly. Envirosax products, however, are made from existing material that truly has been recycled, in China (read here about the ethical standards that Envirosax adheres to in China). Envirosax’s aesthetic designs and genuine quality remain yet superior and incomparable. The company truly is eco-friendly.

Extra! Celebrities love the eco-friendly reusable Envirosax bags. Jennifer Garner, Queen Latifah, and Justin Timberlake go out and about with their Envirosax bags to informal and formal venues. To see them and other famous folk showing off their eco-totes, visit here. Enjoy your exploration of Envirosax designs, which range from the sophisticated for adults to the playful for kids and inner-kid adults.

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