How to Make a Space Design

One fun, and interesting project that your child can make using the different items found in the treasure chest is a space design. While this is a decorative design, it can be a great educational tool, for it uses different textures and materials in the creation of the design. Some recommended items used for the base of the space design are: a lump of fired clay, a piece of chicken wire, a block of wood, or a chunk of wood from a log. Dowels, wires, pipe cleaners, old meat skewers can be used to stick into the base, then have added to it any other materials intended for the project. For this space design, a block of balsa wood will be used because it is soft enough to stick a straight wire into.

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Start by painting the block of wood in a bright acrylic color, like red, blue, or green. Let the paint dry overnight if necessary. Taking one piece of wire, preferably one between 12 and 15 gauges, and stick it into the wood far enough so that it will stand alone by itself. Take a second piece of wire of the same gauge, stick it into the block a few inches away from the first wire. Angle the wire so that it meets with the first wire. Using a pair of pliers, twist the two wires together then fold over the two wires so that no sharp ends stick out. Now you can start to add other items to this form. Try twisting a metallic pipe-cleaner around the wires. For a real space look, go with silver. Then add a silver or gold painted wooden spool to the base, right underneath the wires. Glue securely in place using Tacky glue. With a crumpled piece of tin foil, form something space-like, such as a crude meteorite or a comet. Glue this to the top of the two twisted wires. For a contrast, add something soft, like a piece of silk, or a feather, to the comet or meteor on your space design. A black feather can be especially effective here. Check and see if anything else needs to be added. If the completed design looks great, allow any remaining glue to dry, then put it on display.

That is just one example of what can be used in making a space design. Try making one out of slender wood dowels painted in gold acrylic. Make the base from clay, fire it in the over per clay kit directions, then glue gold glitter on the outside. Add origami shapes to the ends of the dowels, with metallic embroidery threads hanging down behind the origami design. Glue to the ends of the dowels. Weave more gold embroidery threads between the dowels to form a weft, as in rug weaving. The weft doesn’t have to be completed in straight lines; in fact, it will look even more complex if they are diagonal and criss-cross each other.

Experiment with the different items you have, and you will be able to make a favorite design worth sharing with visitors in your home.