How to Design Your Own Kilt

They say, men should never be caught wearing a skirt or else they will be considered gay. However, in Scotland, men who wear a kilt, which is a skirt, are macho and very manly. This is a Scottish traditional costume that has been worm one generation to the next. The kilt is made out of nine yards of tartan cloth. It is a wrapped skirt with the front apron which has two overlapping panels. The back part consists of many pleats.

To start making your own kilt, you need to know how many meters of material you will need. A single pleat should have a width of a full set accompanied by a regular one inch pleat showing. If you would want your sett to be 8 inches in length, then one pleat should be 9 inches. The measurement of your waist and hip is very important to determine how many meters of cloth you will need, and how many pleats you need to make. You need to measure from the waist to the middle of the knee to calculate the length of your kilt. Make sure you have an allowance of a few inches when you measure. The selvage side should go to the lower hem.

Cut the cloth into two pieces to the size specified above. Sew them together. Stitch zigzag style and serge in the upper side of the cloth. The tartan should be centered correctly to make sure that the buckle is on the right side. Start with a fold of 6 inches and then create a deep double width pleat on the left. Use safety pins to fasten the folds. Do the same on the inside of the apron.

Use a piece of cardboard to pleat the kilt and duplicate the pattern on the tartan. Stitch using the felling method. When sewing, start at the hips and then to the top edge of the pleats. Add fringe and waistband. You can use 3 to 5 inches wide cloth to do this. For the lining, deeply sew this down the pleat. You can buy the accessories for your kilt such as buckles and straps at costume stores, or you can find good buys online. For the leather added touch to your kilt, you need to punch holes and sew them on the inside near where the fringe is. Your kilt is now finished. You can use Velcro to easily wear the kilt.