How to Arrange Decorative Artwork on the Wall

Properly arranging wall decorations can be a time consuming and frustrating home design project if you don’t accurately stage your wall space before you begin. If you have attempted to hang decorative accents on the wall only to find that your measurements were way off or you failed to accurately support a leveler, then you are certainly not alone. Hanging decorative wall art can be one of the most rewarding home improvement projects if you sufficiently arrange your wall decorations before you begin. For a few practical tips on how to effectively hang wall art on your wall surface, apply these techniques to your decorative design.

Arrange Decorative Items at Eye Level with Sufficient Support

To ensure the most effective height elements to your wall décor, strive to keep the pictures, sconces, mirrors, and prints at eye level. Since your family and home guests probably represent a wide range of height variations, arrange your wall decorations so that the middle of the item is approximately five feet from the floor. The only exception to this rule might be a child’s room where the wall decorations need to be a bit lower to accommodate their smaller stature. In order to secure your wall art appropriately, choose hardware that can sufficiently support the weight of the piece. Picture hooks and sturdy decorative hangers can be used to ensure stability for your wall hangings.

Arrange Wall Art in Groupings

Wall art looks scattered and disjointed when it is hung sparsely around a room in a nonconforming manner. To avoid this empty and unstructured design, choose to group decorative wall accessories together to create a more substantial impact. Grouping creates drama. To ensure that there is still a harmonious blending of the objects, select frames and mattes that are similar and consistent. The wall decorations, including mirrors, dishes, and sconces don’t have to be hung in a straight line as long as there is symmetry and coherence to the design. If you add a bit of variety to the room, you won’t have to be totally dependent upon a leveler to balance the living area. Arranging wall art in groupings provides a solid decorative element that is symmetrical and cohesive.

Arrange Artwork to Create a Focal Point

A focal point must be created in a room in order to bring drama to the living area. Artwork is almost always the focal point in any living room, bedroom, or bathroom design. Since wall art is arranged to be visible at eye level, it makes sense that it is the strongest focal area in a room. A well-designed piece of art or grouping of artwork pieces is stimulating because it keeps the eye gate in motion. Choosing appropriate and decorative hardware for your artwork can also be an important element in creating wall art that establishes a focal point. Arranging wall decorations can be a daunting decorative home improvement project, but staging the area and organizing the objects before you drill into the walls can be an important step. These simple techniques will help you hang wall art in a way that is visually appealing and structurally sound.