Dr. Franklin House

  • Metroplex Hospital, now a 237-bed acute-care hospital.
  • House/Cross Associates, a long-term nursing care company that has 5 campuses and serves 625 residents.
  • House Medical Clinic, an 11-physician multi-specialty medical clinic.
  • Big Bend Regional Medical Center Hospital.

He served two years as Captain Medical Officer in the US Army and 30 years as the Federal Aviation Administration Medical Examiner. He has been past President and is current Chairman of the Board of Lifestyle Center of America.

Abroad he was a founding member of Canvasback Missions, Inc., a medical, dental, and nursing mission serving the islands of the North Pacific (Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia). He served as a short-term doctor for 15 stints over 13 years in the Pacific Islands. He also served 5 episodes of short-term service in Transylvania, Romania, at the Herghelia Lifestyle Medical Center