Diary of an Artist: Entry 1

March 4, 2008

Another busy day. I (finally) submitted my newspaper article about the Yuki Goto photography show to my editor. During digital art class, I read a lot about VCU School of the Arts, mainly because they were several student presentations that didn’t interest me. I also continued the sketch of a biracial woman that I began on Monday and am now starting to color it. This evening, I submitted eight photos to JPG Mag through their website and later printed 20 copies of my ‘zine that I intend to fold sometime this week. Lastly, I am sending my CD to NPR just because. I realize it’s a gamble but it only costs $0.41 to send it so I might as well. I filled out the appropriate form, packed it, and will mail it tomorrow (along with a copy of the CD for Grace, a high school friend.)