Diary of an Artist: Entry 03

I’m disappointed with how poorly I’ve managed this project recently. Everything seems so jumbled and I feel disoriented. My July 24 photo file is damaged so I’m not able to upload it and I can’t simply re-model the outfit because I’ve already packed most of it. I took the day off on July 25 because I had to prepare for an art festival I was hosting the next day. Then I took eight days off for vacation and returned to work on August 5. My sister Helen, who’s served as my photographer for this project attended a youth leadership symposium this week and therefore could not take photos for the days she was gone. Nina, my other sister, substituted for Helen today but that still means that I have two undocumented outfits for this week! And, as much as the writer in me hates admitting this, words alone do not suffice in the world of fashion. It’s a visual industry so I can’t just replace a photo with a lengthier description. Well, I suppose now that I’ve ranted, I can finally explain what I have on today:
*Chico’s black jeans (you know these!)
*Wine-colored blouse with Medieval style broach sewn into the front; my mother bought this for me at the Grinnell Goodwill right before she abandoned—I mean, dropped me off—for college. I can’t remember the exact price but it was under $5, including tax.
*Chocolate boots from the RFK flea market, which I also wore on Day 32