Diary of an Artist: Entry 09

I will not begin this entry with the trite “Dear Diary” but that’s what this work essentially is—a diary but one with a very specific purpose. I want to record my life as an artist for the next few months, ending over the summertime. I hope by then to be a different person, further advanced emotionally and professionally than I am now.

What marks today is the revelation I had this morning, if it’s not too arrogant to describe my brainchild that way. I want to establish an indie arts festival as an annual event in the D.C. metro area (probably in Arlington County because I already have connections with their Parks and Rec since I worked at the Ellipse Arts Center, part of that division.) Just a little over a week ago, I founded an online arts community on Livejournal called Indie Arts and am satisfied with its progress but I want some kind of physical culmination, something tangible and real. I want to unite a few of my favorite indie bands and artists and fashion designers (etc.!) to inform the public about the arts from an independent perspective.

So, with this dream in mind, I contacted Daly Martinez, who definitely deserves a special introduction. I have never even met Daly in person, but I am nonetheless grateful for her presence in my life. She first made her existence known to me when she “friended” me on Facebook. Apparently, she had read several of my pieces in Teen Ink (a national literary magazine I will mention in further detail later, although maybe not in this entry.) I’m not quite sure why she searched for me on Facebook—she may have simply discovered my group, The Christine Stoddard Fan Club or found me through a friend because we’re in the same network—but when I didn’t recognize her name and asked her to identify herself in a Facebook message, she told me how much she admired my work. Sine then, she has added flattering comments to my artwork on the group page, ordered issues one and two of my itty-bitty ‘zine “Cognitive chaos,” and encouraged me to form a band after listening to my voice samples on www.myspace.com/christinestoddardblameslarks. Then she started avidly posting to my LJ community. Even though she and I have yet to encounter each other face to face, I can sense her enthusiasm for the arts. When she decided to form her own online ‘zine and appointed me as an officer, I knew I wanted to approach her with my idea for the indie arts festival.

And I did just this morning during my digital art class. Via Facebook, she and I coined the name The First Annual Neo-Indie Arts Festival. Daly and I will figure out all the logistics of holding this event, employing others to help us with anything we can’t do on our own.

But I can’t let planning for the festival consume me, either. I have to keep my artistic career at the forefront of my mind. DePaul University agreed today to place both issues of “Cognitive Chaos” in the Chicago Great Lakes Underground Press Collection. (Barnard College and Duke University are two other schools that have my ‘zines in their collection.) So I mailed the copies to them today. I also burned two copies of my music for two friends today and mailed those.

And now I have to get back to work. After all, I like to DO rather than TALK ABOUT DOING!