Designing with Purple

Purple is a favorite color of many and is the most vibrant of colors on the color wheel. It is loved by little girls, funky teenagers, and cultured adults. Purple can have an array of connotations depending on the depth of the hue. Throughout history, purple was a signature color of royalty. Purple has also been heavily used in the occult for mysticism and mystery. Purple pops up in nature once in a while too, creating beautiful wildflowers and tree accents. Purple can become overpowering and overdone if used incorrectly, but it can make eye catching décor.

Sophisticated Purple does exist for adults. To dress up purple a little bit and make it appropriate for everything, just drop the saturation of the color. Lavender and pinkish purples of lighter shades are hitting the design scene fashion forward. Light purples look great with white and especially in kitchens with stainless steel appliances. It adds a dash of character to a stark white room, but is unintrusive to the eye. Lighter purples are best to use in a room that will be accessed by everyone since your guest may not enjoy purple as much as you.

Purple patterns can be classy or flashy. You are sure to find purple prints for teens and kids in big flowers, hearts, peace symbols and more. Purple wallpaper can be utilized as focal pieces of walls or in hallways to keep visual interest throughout the entire home.

Prints should never become overpowering, so don’t let it take over the entire wall. If you have any crown molding, use the print above the molding and a solid color below it. This is a smart way to slip in deeper purples. Pair a rich colored purple print with a light purple solid to off-set it.

The Variation of Purple will allow you to use it in some way in each room. Purple’s technical, complimenting color is yellow; try it with gold for a regal touch. Pinkish purples have a modern appeal with greens. Use light purples with blues. Rich browns can be paired with nearly any shade of purple for an exotic nature look. Remember to just play with swatches and use low or zero VOC paint to keep your purple room green.

Any theme you can think of: cottage, country, contemporary, gothic, mystical, girly, sophisticated, purple can help create it. If you want to use purple in a room, use it. All you have to do is adjust the shade accordingly.