Design Ideas

Are you getting tired of your boring bedroom? Are you decorating a baby’s nursery or your teenage daughter’s bedroom? These are some tips that can be used in the bedroom of someone of any age.

First of all, if you are redecorating, you need to determine what has to stay and what you would like to see go out the door. Paint and bedding are easy to replace, but flooring and furniture are not so easy to get rid of. Then you are going to need to determine a theme that will work with what you are keeping in the room, or a feeling you would like to create. Do you want to bring the relaxing ocean to your sanctuary, or perhaps a more sophisticated feel?

You will need to figure out a budget next. What are you going to spend the budget on? Perhaps you are going to keep the bed and nightstands you already have, as well as the hardwood flooring, but would like to buy an area rug and maybe a chair for the seating area.

Determine a layout and what you have room for. Remember, you are going to need to be able to walk around the bed; don’t place anything in the way of getting to the other side! Beds are best centered on something, whether it is a window or a blank wall. Nightstands can be placed on either side of it, if there is room.

Lighting is also important to figure out right away; it affects how everything is going to look in the room. Are you going to keep the fixture you have, or replace it with something that better fits your theme? Do you have a lot of natural light coming in, or would you like to keep the windows covered?

Next, you are going to want to go shopping. Buy the most important features of the room first-flooring, furniture, lighting…

The fun part is selecting the bedding and window treatments. Remember, colors and patterns are important when it comes to sticking to your theme. Ask for the opinions of the sales associates at the store. Bring fabric samples home, if you can, and look at them under your lighting. Do they look darker, or more washed out? Once you have decided on these, figure out any other accessories you would like to display; for example, lamps, wall hangings, etc.

Finally, it’s time to select the wall color or colors. Are you going to use wallpaper, paint, or something else? Be sure to take plenty of samples home, because colors are easily changed in different lighting. Painting is best done before anything else is placed in the room (other than the lighting, of course). Then the flooring and furniture can be brought in, as well as any other accessories, and hopefully it will all come together beautifully.

Make your bedroom your sanctuary. Make it a place where you want to go to at night and maybe spend a few relaxing moments there alone, a place in which you would like to wake up every morning. Make it your home.