By Chance or Design

She was the oldest, one brother.
He was the youngest, two sisters, plus one.

She the WhiteCollarLongIslandHippyJewHighSchoolDropout, 
who came to the country College, Running.

He was the BlueCollarCountryBusAdminBaptistHighSchoolHonorRoll, 
who came to the country College, Running.

They collided one night in a bar, fallingdowndrunk, but not in love.


She went to Texas 
“It was so hot and flat in Abilene, I went to cross the street, 
and tar stuck my sandal to the road and ruined it”

A Secretary

He joined the Navy 
“The ship was brand new, my system was brand new and my Jesus was brand new to me. I was really obnoxious!”

A Sonar Tech and Protestant Lay Leader


She went to Miami, for Grandma Sarah 
“Somebody has to take care of her since Grandpa died, and you aren’t doing anything, they said.”

He went to Norfolk and listened to Manny Brotman all the way home in a traffic jam. 
“WHY do they have a Jewish evangelist on the radio on the way home during rush hour? Of all the stupid…!”


He wrote to her: “Jesus Jesus Jesus.” 
She responded: “This jesus person sounds interesting.” 
He wept, almost uncontrollably.

He wrote to her: “I’m in Virginia, but I’ll be changing duty stations. I’ll stop by.” 
Miami’s on the way to San Diego, I think. Yea, must be. I’ll have to check.

She wrote back. “Sure. I’ll see ya then.” 
We have a trip to Disney World planned for that weekend. Maybe he won’t show…

April Showers 
“I got to town the 10th, she got save the 17th, we got married the 26th.”

May flowers. 
“We left town, for San Diego the first of May.”

Twenty-two years later, some things still haven’t changed. Some have. 
We’re beginning to agree.