Business Plan Design Tools

Developing a business plan for your start up is one of the most crucial stages of the business development process.

There are many tools available for you, that will not only make your business plan look better but will also help you in bringing down your ideas on paper. These tools will make your work easier and faster and you will be able to develop your business plan in almost no time.

A business plan is a document that describes your business and emphasizes on projections, which includes financial projections, growth projections, sale projections etc.

The major part of the business plan focuses over financial part of the business but it also covers information about the owner of the business, company ethics and objectives.

Most of the times a business plan is written for the desire of getting a loan, or to get a financial support from an Angel Investor or a Venture Capitalist. A business plan can be used by an organization for its internal use also. It can be used to estimate the current state of the company and the future growth prospects of the company. A plan can be useful in recognizing problems before they actually happen.

These days the task of writing a business plan has been simplified to a great extent. Thanks to the business plan writing software available in the market.

1. Planware is a business planning software tool that can help you in developing your business plan from the large number of available templates and samples. There are large numbers of trial versions available for this software. It offers support specifically for financial projections, marketing plan, cash flow forecasting, and strategic planning. You can get a hold of this software and then probably buy from the website for further development of your business plan.

2. Business Plan Pro is one of the most effective tool that is available over the Internet for the business plan development. It offers a large number of sample business plans. It has an 8-minute demo video also, which helps in understanding the software at one go. Business Plan Pro is a very good tool to design your business plan quickly and efficiently. You will require Excel 2010 and Microsoft Word 2010. The software provides tools to analyze risks and other possibilities. This software is excellent for the beginners or those who are not familiar with business plans.

3. Plan Write is another effective tool to develop business plans. You will be able to construct marketing plan also with it. The website offers a 60 days money back guaranties.

4. BizPlanBuilder is another software for business plan design. It can edit your business plan in Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint. The BizPlanBuilder helps in preparing financial projections to a great extent.

5. One of the most popular business plan designing software is Plan Magic. It can be used with business specific business plan templates and unsurpassed automated financial projections. This is very useful when you would like to get a feel of the business plan for a particular business. This software is available in many languages.

6. CIT Small Business Lending Corporation offers a very useful multimedia online tutorial that describes what actually goes inside a business plan. You might find it useful in incorporating its ideas into your business plan.

Having a sound business plan is very essential in the business development process. Having an effective business plan will ensure that your plan is considered among thousands of plans that reach to a venture capitalist or an angel investor everyday.

These software tools will definitely help you in developing a good business plan but you should always be ready to concern a financial planner in case your investor needs a more detailed business plan.