American Artist Lorena Bowser: Painter in Many Genres, Poet, Writer and Teacher

American artist Lorena Bowser paints in many styles and media, making it difficult to place her work into one specific category. When asked to describe her art Lorena says, “The best term for it would be kaleidoscopic. You turn the kaleidoscope, and each time you see a different image, each one beautiful, yet unique. I am fascinated by all the opportunities in life and all the subjects that can be painted. Each art work is inspired by the moment , captured in time, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

She often combines her own writing and her own art into little gems of beauty that captivate her admirers, and has lately been working in ink on newspaper… creating some unique and imaginative effects.

Early Studies

Lorena was born in Glendale, California, and as a youngster dreamed of an acting career, as most little girls living close to Hollywood do. After she graduated from Mount San Antonio College she travelled to France and the Sorbonne where she prepared as a teacher of French language and civilization overseas. She also became a third order Carmelite nun. The Carmelite order is the oldest order known, founded by hermits on Mount Carmel, and restored to its original calling by St.Teresa of Avila in the fifteenth century. It is known for contemplative prayer and its devotion to the Virgin Mary…Our Lady of Mount Carmel.The third order lives is the everyday world and is also dedicated to prayer. “We try to live the best possible life,” says Lorena.

Private Life

Bowser married in Mexico and raised three sons, the oldest of whom served in both the Gulf Wars after the family moved back to the United States. Lorena worked in various positions in Mexico: as a French teacher at the University of Veracruz and the Alliance Francaise; as an English teacher, in Public Relations and In Graphic Arts at the National Institute for Research on Biotic Resources.

Bowser’s Art

Lorena Bowser’s art must be seen to be fully appreciated, as no description could do it justice. Here is a link to her work, Lorena Bowser which will give you an idea of the breadth and scope of her artistic talent.

A clue to her philosophy can be found in one of her poems:

As life goes on, it fills and fills

Until it spills

Into each waiting heart.

I set my course with sails unfurled

To face the world

And stand-apart!

To see more about her poems go to Lorena Bowser

Lorena Bowser makes her home in California.