A New Design Effect?

As a graphic artist, I am often confronted with people who think that since I work with a computer, almost everything involves nothing more than “pushing a button” or “get it off the internet.” Usually these perceptions end up with long explanations to the customer, but sometimes they can provide a few laughs.

A customer recently provided artwork done by her husband for a tee shirt. The design was in two colors, an intricate design in one color over a swirly object in another color. The customer decided she only wanted to pay for one color, so I was to modify the design.

The trouble was, if the swirl was made the same color as the other, the design would be lost. A tint wasn’t feasible because of troubles the printer was having at the time. The customer told me to make the swirl blank inside with an outline. Here is where it really got interesting.

The swirl had been overlaid with a sort of splash pattern to knock out a pattern of holes in the swirl. The customer looked at the outlined swirl and said, “Can you take out the holes? They make it look like puke.” So I began to select and remove the holes, but had to do it one or two at a time because of the way the design was constructed. The customer said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it would be so much work. I thought the holes were some kind of special effect”. I had to laugh at that. “Sorry, this program doesn’t have a ‘puke effect.'”

Maybe I should send Adobe a suggestion for a new effect.